Director: Jasmin Mozaffari
Featuring: Stephanie Margeth, Monica Garrido, Deneen Hamilton
Producer: Caitlin Grabham at Prowler Films
DOP: Catherine Lutes
Production Designer: Casey Tuninga
H/MU: Claudine Baltazar
Wardrobe: Nariman Jay
Editor: Alexander Farah
Production Coordinator: Vanessa Gloux
Assistant Director: Jonah Allingham
Set Dresser: Evely Escobar
Assistant Set Dresser: Natalia Watts
1st AC: Matt Veen, Bill Franks
2nd AC: Aiden Carter
Gaffer: Ryan Hernandez
Electric: Connor Marsden
Key Grip: TJ Richardson
Grip: Igor Alves
PAs: Sam Burns, Bee Langs, Ashley Bowa

Risk It

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Directed by M Blash

Executive Producer: Sue Yeon Ahn & Cherie Sinclair

Producer: Brett Carlson

DP: Adam Newport-Berra

Editor: Chris Catanach

Lisa Nowak: Katie Stelmanis

William Oefelein: Ryan Findley

Colleen Shipman: Christine Bigelow

Employee / Comic: Patrick Green

Produced with the financial assistance of MuchFACT, a division of Bell Media Inc.

I Love You More than You Love Yourself

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Director: That Go (Noel Paul & Stefan Moore)

Executive Producer: Cherie Sinclair

Producer: Cherie Sinclair

Production Company: The Field

DP: Ali Khurshid

Editor: Noel Paul


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Produced by: Partizan

Director: Allie Avital

Executive Producer: Laura Jones

Producer: Cailin Lowry

DP: Martim Vian

VFX: Color: Company 3

Editors: Allie Avital and Jojo King

Production Designer: Anthony Ruff

Stylist: Lisa Madonna

“Future Politics is the breaking down of paradigms. In this video, we wanted to explore what a world might look like if our values were transformed: instead of glorifying labour, maybe we could learn to glorify the act of doing absolutely nothing.”

Future Politics

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Produced by: VISION FILM CO.

Director: Matt Lambert

Executive Producer: Geoff McLean

Producer: Jason Aita

DOP: Bobby Shore

Production Designer: Zazu Myers

Editor: Andi Pek

Colorist: Marcus Badow

Make-Up: Carmelle Da Roza

Wardrobe:Alana Ka’kia


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Directed by M Blash

Hurt Me Now

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Directed by that go (Noel Paul & Stefan Moore)

Director of Photography: Sean Porter

Executive Producer: Rich Hutchins

Production Company: Poor Man’s Productions

Production Manager: Doug McCafferty

AC: Megan Forste

Gaffer: Ray Richards

Electric: Paul Dickover

Grip: Corey Jacbos

PA: Dave Melendez, Sarah Julio

Elevator Specialist: Mr. Chu


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Directed by M Blash

Prod. Co.: The Directors Bureau

Exec. Producer: Lana Kim

Producer: Jett Steiger and Phil Pinto

DP: Brett Jutkiewicz

Production Designer: Sara Walker Scheld

Editor: Michael Dart Wadsworth

Post: Final Cut, NY

Lose It

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Director: Claire Edmondson

DP: Jordan Eady

Editor: Kye Meechan

Prosthesis: Allan Cooke

Wardrobe: Vanessa Fischer

Make Up: Lisa Howard

Hair: Laura Bolton

Beat And The Pulse

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