Based on a conversation with Anupa Mistry (journalist and writer) and Sebastian Kvist (curator and invertebrates), the film was directed by Trevor Blumas and shot between Toronto and Montreal during various stages of COVID-19 lockdown.

All music by Austra
Directed / Edited by Trevor Blumas
Produced by PORCH
Filmed by Trevor Blumas & Katie Stelmanis
3D Animations by Jessica Tucker
Audio Design & Sound Editing by Michelle Irving
Assistant Sound Editing by Kaija Siirala
Styling by Carolina Fernandez Vidal
Make up by Laura Anne Morel
Special Thanks to Young Alexander

The Shape Of You I Know Completely

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Director – Jasmin Mozaffari
Featuring – Destiny Vania Rettinger
Producer – Caitlin Grabham
DOP – Catherine Lutes
Production Designer – Casey Tuninga
Editor – Alexander Farah
H/MU – Claudine Baltazar
Wardrobe – Nariman Jay
Production Coordinator – Vanessa Gloux
Assistant Director – Jonah Allingham
Set Dresser – Evely Escobar
Steadicam Op – Greg Frankovich
1st AC – Matt Veen
2nd AC – Janelle Body
Gaffer – Ryan Hernandez
Electric – Connor Marsden
Key Grip – TJ Richardson
Grip – Igor Alves
VFX Artist – Andrew Scott
Colourist – Conor Fisher, Alter Ego
PAs – Sam Burns, Bee Langs, Ashley Bowa


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Director: Jasmin Mozaffari
Featuring: Stephanie Margeth, Monica Garrido, Deneen Hamilton
Producer: Caitlin Grabham at Prowler Films
DOP: Catherine Lutes
Production Designer: Casey Tuninga
H/MU: Claudine Baltazar
Wardrobe: Nariman Jay
Editor: Alexander Farah
Production Coordinator: Vanessa Gloux
Assistant Director: Jonah Allingham
Set Dresser: Evely Escobar
Assistant Set Dresser: Natalia Watts
1st AC: Matt Veen, Bill Franks
2nd AC: Aiden Carter
Gaffer: Ryan Hernandez
Electric: Connor Marsden
Key Grip: TJ Richardson
Grip: Igor Alves
PAs: Sam Burns, Bee Langs, Ashley Bowa

Risk It

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Directed by M Blash

Executive Producer: Sue Yeon Ahn & Cherie Sinclair

Producer: Brett Carlson

DP: Adam Newport-Berra

Editor: Chris Catanach

Lisa Nowak: Katie Stelmanis

William Oefelein: Ryan Findley

Colleen Shipman: Christine Bigelow

Employee / Comic: Patrick Green

Produced with the financial assistance of MuchFACT, a division of Bell Media Inc.

I Love You More than You Love Yourself

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Director: That Go (Noel Paul & Stefan Moore)

Executive Producer: Cherie Sinclair

Producer: Cherie Sinclair

Production Company: The Field

DP: Ali Khurshid

Editor: Noel Paul


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Produced by: Partizan

Director: Allie Avital

Executive Producer: Laura Jones

Producer: Cailin Lowry

DP: Martim Vian

VFX: Color: Company 3

Editors: Allie Avital and Jojo King

Production Designer: Anthony Ruff

Stylist: Lisa Madonna

“Future Politics is the breaking down of paradigms. In this video, we wanted to explore what a world might look like if our values were transformed: instead of glorifying labour, maybe we could learn to glorify the act of doing absolutely nothing.”

Future Politics

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Produced by: VISION FILM CO.

Director: Matt Lambert

Executive Producer: Geoff McLean

Producer: Jason Aita

DOP: Bobby Shore

Production Designer: Zazu Myers

Editor: Andi Pek

Colorist: Marcus Badow

Make-Up: Carmelle Da Roza

Wardrobe:Alana Ka’kia


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Directed by M Blash

Hurt Me Now

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Directed by that go (Noel Paul & Stefan Moore)

Director of Photography: Sean Porter

Executive Producer: Rich Hutchins

Production Company: Poor Man’s Productions

Production Manager: Doug McCafferty

AC: Megan Forste

Gaffer: Ray Richards

Electric: Paul Dickover

Grip: Corey Jacbos

PA: Dave Melendez, Sarah Julio

Elevator Specialist: Mr. Chu


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